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Global Growth Funds

Invest like the select few targeting +2x returns

Our team of expert investment professionals is dedicated to identifying the top-performing private equity managers geared to deliver long-term capital appreciation and we adapt them to meet our Shariah principles.

We strive to include fund managers who have historically doubled their investment value.
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The investment & distribution phases

Distributions are typically expected to start in year six, though they may begin earlier depending on the fund strategy and entry date.
Important Warning

This chart was created  for illustrative purposes and should not be used to assess any specific investment opportunity. The exemplified cash flows are not intended as a demonstration or prediction of investment returns. They are provided solely as an example of cash flows for private equity investment vehicles. No specific cash flow is assured. It's important to note that all future-oriented calculations rely on assumptions and are subject to various risks and uncertainties. Actual outcomes may differ significantly. 

* Minimum investment may vary by country and local regulation

A Specialized Private Equity Approach Focused on Growth Funds.

Why Choose Growth?

Choose Growth

Access Private Markets

Invest by Your Values

Proven Businesses

Growth funds focus primarily on investing in companies that have proven business models as opposed to venture companies that could fail in reaching profitability.

Clear Growth Plan

Growth funds focus on funding the growth trajectory and the clear path to exit through sale or IPO. Such a long-term focus provides an opportunity to access  significant capital appreciation.

Low leverage

As opposed to buy-out funds, growth funds do not depend on borrowings to deliver their returns, making such strategies less risky and more in-line with Shariah guidelines.

Investing in top-quartile private equity funds offers  unparalleled returns.

Top Performing Funds’ Returns (Top Quartile)
Average Funds’ Returns
Bottom Quartile Returns

Source: State Street Global Markets, State Street Private Equity Index ©FT

Important warning: Past performance is not indicative of future results. Private equity is not investable index and is used for illustrative purposes.

The Growth Strategy

Target Companies

Growth equity funds sort through the masses to find companies with proven growth models and burgeoning potential for future expansion.

Investing With Insight

By taking minority stakes in high-achieving midsize companies, growth equity funds help steer the trajectory of these enterprises by providing invaluable input on significant board decisions.

Pioneering Progress

Growth equity managers will typically look to add value by providing capital for growth and expansion. They will also provide strategic advice to management teams and help scale operations.

Exit To Success

With a firm eye on the future, growth equity managers help develop a clear exit strategy for portfolio companies, including the option of an IPO, a share buyback, or a sale to another private equity fund.

Have Questions?

Have any more questions?
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Have Questions?

Can I invest in Global Growth Funds as an individual investor?

Global Growth Funds are private funds, such type of investments are typically accessible by individuals who are classified as professional, sophisticated investors, or are considered high-net-worth individuals. When you sign up to the Mnaara platform, you will be asked specific questions in order to determine your investor classification.

What is the minimum investment for growth?

Our minimum commitment value is £100,000 (or its equivalent in USD) which could be drawn-down over a period of 5 years (Average of £20,000 per year) depending on the fund terms.

How soon can I expect to receive returns on my investment?

Private equity funds usually start distribution in the 6th year. However, it's important to note that every fund follows a different strategy and could realize different returns and cashflows.

Are the Global Growth funds open to international investors?

Yes, Global Growth Funds offered welcome investors from around the world who are interested in Shariah-compliant investment opportunities. The platform is designed to cater to a global investor community allowing individuals from different regions to participate.

What sets the Global Growth Fund Offering apart from other investment options?

The Global Growth Funds offer a unique combination of Shariah-compliance and growth-focused investment strategies. By investing in dynamic businesses with strong growth prospects, fund managers typically aim to provide investors with the opportunity to receive higher returns. However, it is important to thoroughly understand the risks and assess whether they are suitable for your investment goals before investing in the fund.

What are the fees charged by Mnaara to growth funds investors?

We charge a one-time subscription fee of 1% upfront and an annual management fee of 1%. Additional legal and administrative costs are charged annually up to 0.5%. These fees are independent of those charged by the underlying manager.

How is capital called?

Capital calls depend on the terms agreed with the underlying fund manager. For instance, some opportunities require a 100% capital call upfront whereas others could be called over a period extending up to five years.

What is the average holding period for a Growth Fund?

Each fund has its own horizon, usually a significant portion of the expected cashflows are distributed by the 10th year.

Superior returns backed by superior managers.

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