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Global Income Funds

Put your savings to work and start earning returns

We understand the importance of consistent income. This is why we only choose fund managers who have a proven track record and follow diversified investment strategies.

We strive to include opportunities that target annual returns of at least 7% with a clear route for accessing your capital when required.
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Your path to periodic Shariah-compliant income

Given that charging interest does not align with our values, our income strategy focuses on two main types of permissible activities

Trade Finance Funds

As an alternative to working capital financing, trade finance funds partner with low-risk trade businesses and finance their trades for a share of their profits. 

Equipment Leasing Funds 

Funds specialized in purchasing machinery & equipment and leasing them to companies for the purpose of serving their primary business activities. The collected lease income serves as the source of periodic distributions to the fund’s investors.

Choose Income

Choose Income

Enjoy Returns

Invest by your values

Experience reliable returns & maintain flexible access to your capital.

Freedom to manage your investment goals

The income funds selected are typically structured as open-ended funds. This means that throughout the fund's lifetime, you have the flexibility to redeem your investment when needed or make additional investments. 

This provides you the liquidity and freedom to manage your cashflows based on your personal needs and expectations.

Financial stability and security

Income funds offer a lower risk profile while still providing strong returns. By focusing on private financing strategies and income-generating assets, we aim to provide you with a balanced investment approach that delivers income periodically.

The new standard for stable income, digitized for excellence.

Regular Distributions

Our commitment to consistency and stability targets dependable returns. This allows you to enjoy a steady stream of income with lower correlation to market volatility.

Specialized Managers

We've partnered with specialized fund managers who are experts in income investing and have delivered a strong track record.

Transparent Fees

We believe transparency and clarity are key to building trust with our investors. We are fully committed to ensuring you have a clear understanding of all the fees associated with your investments so you can make more informed decisions.

Have Questions?

Have any more questions?
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Have Questions?

What is the minimum investment amount required?

Depending on the fund terms and the investor regulatory classification, minimum tickets could vary from as low as £20,000 to £100,000 (or their equivalent in USD)

How often are distributions made by the Global Income Funds?

Distributions from the Global Income Funds  are typically made on a quarterly basis. These distributions represent the income generated by the fund's underlying assets and are disbursed to investors accordingly.

What is the usual notice period for withdrawals from Global Income Funds?

Depending on the income strategy, some funds offer a notice of 90 days to withdraw funds, whereas others could require much longer periods. The notice period allows for a smooth and efficient process, balancing the needs of investors with the fund's overall performance. It’s important to thoroughly assess each opportunity ahead of investing.

What are the fees charged on Global Income Funds?

Given that income funds vary in strategy and complexity, fees charged by Mnaara and the underlying fund managers differ by opportunity. You can always identify the exact fees charged by accessing the specific fund documents

Are Global Income Funds suitable for all investors?

Income funds may be suitable for investors seeking a regular income stream while adhering to Shariah principles. However, it is important to carefully review the fund's prospectus to determine if it aligns with your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and financial situation.

What are the risks associated with investing in the Global Income Funds?

As with any investment, the Global Income Funds carries certain risks. These may include market risk, liquidity risk, credit risk, and the potential for fluctuations in income generation. It is important to thoroughly understand these risks and assess whether they are suitable for your investment goals before investing in the fund.

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